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Wellness for Makers


A Movement Guide for Artists
By Missy Graff Ballone
Hardcover, 128 pages

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An important resource for all makers and artists, this helpful guide supports artists and crafters with ways to maintain their most valuable tool: their body. This one-of-kind guide teaches you how to alleviate pain and strain while working in the studio through active and passive stretching, strengthening, and massage techniques.

  • The author is the founder of Wellness for Makers®, a company focused on this topic
  • This is the only wellness book geared specifically to craftspeople.
  • The author’s podcast, Wellness of Makers, is on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play
  • Strong gift potential for anyone who knows and cares about a crafter and wants to keep them healthy.

Whether you’re making jewelry, ceramics, weavings, needlework, murals, or sculptures, the information, tips, and 40+ exercises with detailed photos—all steps are clearly demonstrated by the author herself—will create more-healthful movement patterns that build strength and longevity, reduce the risk of injury, relieve pain and strain, and improve posture and overall well-being.