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Potting Shed Quilt, The


Paperback, 324 pages
By Ann Hazelwood

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The second saga of Anne Brown and the Colebridge Community! In The Basement Quilt, the debut novel by Ann Hazelwood, you got to know the family and friends of Anne Brown, a plucky florist whose daily ups and downs are as familiar as your own. In this follow-up book, Anne and her fiancé, Sam, start house-hunting, or is that haunting? Once again, a quilt holds keys and clues to important family secrets, but whose family is it this time? And why would anyone hide a quilt in a potting shed? Life continues apace for Anne’s family and friends, too. Share in their joys and sorrows as Colebridge goes about every community’s business. The Potting Shed Quilt is not just the title of this sequel—the quilt itself is a character. You’ll want to meet other quilt “characters” throughout the series.

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