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Freehand Filler Patterns


By Sue Patten
Collectors of quilting patterns are as intense as fabricaholics – they can never have enough! Here are three dozen traditional pieced blocks with full-sized worksheets that help identify the areas that need quilting. Multiply this by your choice of four different filler categories: flames, feathers, spheres, or swirls. Add additional filler patterns for cornerstones, sashing strips, and background quilting, and you have unlimited possibilities! This is not your regular pattern book to be followed line-for-line. Rather it explores unlimited quilting ideas and possibilities. Learn how to enhance the main motif by combining different background designs – curls, swirls, and other machine quilting staples – with the four basic fillers to complement the project. Whatever type of quilting system you utilize for machine quilting, freehand filler patterns provide the structure needed to hold the quilt together, to flatten the background area, or highlight the main patchwork or appliqué design. 95 pages, softcover

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