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Feathered Star


Reflecting one of the oldest quilt patterns in history, Feathered Star quilts are revered for their heirloom quality. Mastery of this patchwork design can be considered the peak of quiltmaking expertise. Through the annual ‘New Quilts from an Old Favorite’ contest sponsored by the Museum of the American Quilter’s Society, a truly unique collection of quilts is documented. The 18 winners and finalists take the traditional design to new heights through color, movement, and form. Enjoy a full-page color photograph of each winning quilt, plus an introduction to the artist, including fascinating descriptions and insights into the inspiration for each quilt. The artists provide design tips, techniques, and patterns to enhance any Feathered Star project. This book encourages every quiltmaker to reach for the stars!  AQS
Paperback, 95 pages

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