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Artistry in Fiber Volume 1 Wall Art


Hardcover 222 pages
Bt Anne Lee and E. Ashley Rooney

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Connecting us to the wide variety of contemporary fiber art in wall-mounted format, this resource combines more than 600 photos with personal comments from 100 of today’s established and emerging artists. In conjunction with the other two books in this acclaimed series, it invites readers to re-examine fiber art through a multifaceted contemporary lens. The creators here are pushing the boundaries of what wall-mounted fiber art is, using fibers of paper, metal, fiberglass, milkweed seeds, or high-tech polymers. Bhakti Ziek’s computerized loom work and Sue Benner’s textile-collage quilts are but a few of the examples of how artists expertly combine different fiber techniques in a single piece, go beyond the technical processes, and cross-pollinate mediums.