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Art to Wear with Asian Flair

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By Stephanie Masae Kimura
Learn how to use Asian designs to liven up any wardrobe as Stephanie Masae Kimura guides you through the entire creative process from finding the right fabric to wearing your creations with pride.

You will be creatively inspired to incorporate the Asian motif templates, such as a Geisha, pagoda, cherry blossom, crane, and a golden dragon, into your existing wardrobe as well as to design your own original garments with Asian flair. You will also learn how to embellish your fabric creations with different stitch techniques, beadwork, fabric pens, rubber stamps, and stencils.

Exciting projects:

Lotus Purse
Flowers for the Empress Vest
Maiko Celebration Vest
Tomesode Jacket
Heart of a Golden Dragon Kimono
Plus many more ideas!
128 Pages

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