Pocket Guides to Freehand Quilting (3 Books)


Spiral bound, all 3 books have grey covers (first printing)
Slightly shelf worn but like new

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THREE BOOKS designed as GUIDES to get you on the road to Freehand Machine Quilting. “Meanderings”, “Textures & Fillers”, “Borders & Sashings”

  • Laminated covers & heavy duty paper mean long lasting durability.
  • Spiral binding means they stay open to the page you’re working on.
  • Arrowed stitching diagrams make the learning process easy.

These booklets were created to serve several purposes.

  • As a “take along” project. Stick them in your pocket or purse & take them along to the kid’s soccer game, or study & trace them while waiting at the dentist’s office. There are so many ways we let time escape us every day. The idea is to turn “down time” into “learning time”.

  • As a workbook. Start with the simple basics and traditional stand-bys and progress on to original, thematic designs. Beginner & experienced machine quilter alike, will find new inspiration.You are shown not only what to stitch, but HOW to stitch it. Clear, arrowed directions are included where necessary and will make each design easy to accomplish.

  • As a ready source of designs when your brain takes a holiday! No need to try to remember over 150 freehand designs. They’re all right there, in books small enough to lay on top of the quilt you’re working on. Just turn to the design you’ve chosen and follow the arrowed instructions.

  • As a sampler of the designs you can offer your clients. Avoid misunderstandings.Your customer will be able to choose the look they want from designs that you’ve already stitched up.

  • To help you coordinate the patterns you use on the quilt. There are patterns in each of the books that go well together to give a cohesive look to the quilt.