Native American Designs for quilting


More than 160 inspiring designs, representing a wide range of Native American cultures, have been assembled by Dr. Joyce Mori, a well-known anthropologist. These patterns can be found on pottery and rugs, and they are used in beading, jewelry, and other crafts and are perfect for quilting motifs. The book spans the time from prehistory to the present, and where possible, the patterns have been identified by tribe or region. They are arranged by categories: small designs, designs for specific shapes, border designs, and whole-cloth designs. The patterns are presented as a series of elements that can be combined with others to produce new designs, such as adding a pima basket motif to a northwest coast drum design for a totally new composition. The author gives strategies for working with the quilting patterns and shows how she has developed or changed them. In addition to discovering many beautiful and unusual hand-quilting motifs, the reader will also find a section of continuous line patterns for machine quilting.
By Dr. Joyce Mori, paperback, 95 pages

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