Award Winning Applique Birds


Appliqué this enchanting flock of 28 realistic and recognizable songbirds. Perch them on a full-sized quilt or capture them individually. Tools and supplies are listed and fully explained. Patterns can be adapted to your favorite sewing technique or you can follow Pamela’s instructions for her preferred hand-appliqué method using peel-and-stick templates. The tips on planning your quilt, the meticulously drawn patterns, placement diagrams, and floral settings will appeal to all appliqué enthusiasts. Birds featured in the book are: American Bold finch, Northern Cardinal, Eastern Bluebird, Baltimore Oriole, Red-headed Woodpecker, Western & Summer Tanagers, Blue Jay, Mountain Bluebird, Vermilion Flycatcher, Painted Bunting, African Blue Flycatcher, Green Jay, and Pine & Evening Grosbeaks.

By: Pamela Humphries, Retail  $21.95

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